- handcrafted fine jewelry -

Hand crafting jewelry is an opportunity to create a balance between beauty and sentiment, rooted in simplicity and individuality.​ Inspired by clean lines, nature and organic textures, each piece of jewelry comes from the hands and heart of Deborah Spencer.


Is jewelry made from recycled metals and reclaimed or sustainably sourced gemstones. This approach to jewelry making can mean using certified Fair Trade Gems® or repurposing old family jewelry when possible.



- bespoke takes time -


Consultations can be done via phone or email. Things we discuss: the purpose of the piece (wedding ring, fashion right hand ring, casual necklace, funky bracelet, etc.) and the parameters of the project including metals, gemstones and budget.


Based on our discussion, I will create 1-3 sketches. I can text or email the rough ideas and then fine tune them once you see the direction I'm taking. We can change anything at this point. I do the rendering with watercolor pencils and emulate the metal and gemstones.


Once you've chosen a design, I make a wax model, and can also set the stones, so you'll have an actual model to try on. We can make small modifications at this point,  larger changes require an extra fee for additional time. Once the wax is approved, the piece is cast in the appropriate metals.


Finishing the piece entails sanding, trimming, hammering, stone setting, and polishing or texturizing depending on the look you're after. Then voilà, you have a beautiful new piece of jewelry to treasure for a lifetime. I guarantee my work, if anything needs to be adjusted, just let me know.



repairs, custom or restyled pieces

Simple designs start at $750. This is a time based fee for consultations, sketches and a wax model

Complicated designs start at $1,200. Metal, stones and stone setting are extra charges.

I can also customize my existing designs in which case the pricing structure starts around $250 and goes up depending on the modifications.

Shop time is billed at $120/hour


- one of a kind artisan jewelry -



Each ring is imbued with the soul of the artisan who breathed life into its form. Feel the whisper of flame against the metal and the meticulous precision of the jeweler's touch. These rings are heirlooms in the making, destined to grace fingers for generations.

Necklaces & pendants

Crafted with meticulous care from ethically sourced materials whenever possible, let your story be adorned with artistry. Wear a necklace that speaks not just of fashion, but the very essence of you.

Fair Trade Gems® Geo Cut Amethyst 14k Yellow Gold Necklace and Amethyst Stones
Topaz Tongue and Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Necklace and Earrings Set


Whether you dream of bold statement pieces or understated elegance, custom earrings can be crafted to bring your vision to life. Let these handmade creations dance upon your ears.


Each scratch and patina tells a story, so let your wrist be adorned with artistry. Whether you want a delicate bracelet or a bold cuff, let your style and personality come to life through a custom piece of jewelry.

Labradorite, Tourmaline, Diamond, Sapphire and Native Copper, Gem Chrysocolla, Moonstone and Sapphire Sterling Silver and 18k Yellow Gold Bracelets


- what clients say about deborah -

"Deborah Spencer is a talented artist and jeweler. For many years she has designed rings and necklaces recycling family jewels into beautiful treasures. I like drama in my jewelry and she has always presented ideas that are unique and clever. I highly recommend Deborah as your jeweler."

-Francine R.

diamond and pearl jewelry set: earrings, bracelet and ring

"For over 40 years Deborah and I have collaborated in the making of jewelry. She has  years of expertise, working with all types of clients, each with a different preconception about jewelry and its worth. Deborah really listens to her clients and this translates into ageless custom pieces that reflect her client’s style and sensibility."

- Ann S.